Bushels of Baskets I
Lace Baskets

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There are 5 baskets and 5 bottoms.. for variation

Design's are Stand alone Lace
Instructions Included for assembly
the basket is about 3-5 inches tall.. and about 8 inches in diameter
I used 2 layers of water soluble stablizer,
number 12 schmetz universal needle,
40 weight Madeira Rayon thread top and bottom
the bottom can be hand sewn on or hot melt glued on

Hand Stiching the Base to basket
the basket sits in the base, on inside of the satin stitching , so that the scallops sticks out on the bottom...like a saucer, think you can see it on the image , some are gluing it on as they do not want to hand stitch it. but for the hand stitching go in and out of the hatch/netting then over the first part of the bottom of basket. and keep going till all the way around... each 4 stitches I did a double to secure the stitching

When 8 or nine petals are sewn together
they make the perfect lace collar
for a child's dress


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