Bushels of Baskets 2
Lace Baskets

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Design's are Stand alone Lace
Instructions Included for assembly
I used 2 layers of water soluble stablizer,
number 12 schmetz universal needle,
40 weight Madeira Rayon thread top and bottom

There are 5 baskets and 5 bottoms.. for variation

Basket Assembly

This basket has very simple assembly.. One bottom and 6 petals to this basket.. sew each petal to one side of the bottom.. the bottom sides are slightly larger than the bottom of the petal so center it.. I use a standard zig zag stitch number 3 width
the basket should look like this, Now sew the petals together, only a small portion of the petals are sewn together. Look to the red marks I jahve shown.. that is the parts to be sewn to gether
This shows the actual sewing to gether
This shows the part to be sewn together. For those that want to wash and then assemble and starch.. trace the petals 6 times on paper, and use them as a pinning guide to make sure they are all the same size when dry

Makes a perfect Lamp Shade

Design Specifications and Instructions

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